Opinions on the mascara & the internet

I just thought that I’ve done quite a lot of makeup reviews and tutorials so today I’m going to talk a bit about my opinions on mascara & the internet. Ok, so mascara is makeup but I’m talking about my opinion on it. Just for the purpose of this, ok? Hehehe.

What do I think about mascara?

Ok, so, there are quite a lot of girls at school who wear tons of mascara and no other makeup. I do not understand it. Sure, mascara is pretty cool and it can look really nice, but not when you wear that much.

Myself, I’d rather wear foundation/tinted moisturiser and have nice skin but have normal lashes than have super long, spidery lashes but horrible skin. All that mascara just looks horrible. I’m sorry. I just need to rant about this.

And what about the internet? Is it a good or bad thing?

I used the internet probably earlier than I should have, discovering the forums on an adoptable website at about 11. I found that being able to be whoever I wanted, in a place where there were people like me was really nice. I didn’t give away any personally details and it was all fine, still is.

Being able to be however you want on the internet is also a bad thing. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories where a teenager has met up with this person they met online and they turned out to be a creepy old man. These are very serious, but also very rare. If you’re sensible, then it’s pretty unlikely anything bad would happen.

I find the internet is an amazing thing: it can connect you up with people around the world, help you to become a stronger and happier person than you were before. It does have its flaws, like cyber-bullying and anonymity, but hopefully you can tell an adult or responsible person about this and get it sorted out.

So, basically, I think the internet is a good thing!

Tell me a bit about your opinion below and stay tuned for more stuff from me!

Apple xx

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