Blusher, truth or dare and crushes…

This post will be a bit of a rant, so please feel free to skip to the end where there will be a section about blusher (yay!).

Argh. So. I have this massive crush on a guy in my class. So does my best friend (this is only the start of awkwardness). He hangs out with us and we’ve swapped phone numbers etc. but I don’t know what to do.

I’m just totally clueless about crushes. I mean, you know, there was that whole thing in reception or something but that DOESN’T count. And yeah, I’ve had some not-really-there crushes on a couple of people. I repeat: I don’t know what to do.

I’m a pretty awkward person in this area: I’m that person who, in truth or dare, doesn’t pick a dare because they’re always ridiculously hard (not to mention embarrassing) then ends up with people asking ‘Who do you fancy?’ and then I’m like ‘No one.’ and they’re like ‘You’re lying. All this time I’m thinking ‘we’re way too young for this and if I did fancy someone, why on earth would I tell you?’. Eventually people leave me alone, after half-heartedly calling me a wimp and so on.

But enough of my problems. Let’s get onto my mini section about blusher!

Laval blush

Blusher brands and buying blusher

The picture above is my current favourite blusher, by Laval, in Frosted Pink. It was only about 3 pounds off amazon and gives a lovely natural glow, just as a blusher should do.

When buying blusher, don’t get anything a lot lighter or darker than your skin-tone. If you want to wear it every day, a peachy-pink one Should do the trick. It can be more peach or pink depending on your preferences. People with fair skin should probably avoid the darker and more red colours because you just look like a clown when you wear them.

Applying blush

You only need to swipe your brush around the edge of the blusher for a natural glow.   Dip it (dip it? I don’t think that’s the right word but I’m not sure how else to describe it) in the centre for a more vibrant colour. If you wear glasses, like I do, blend it more upwards as it draws more attention to the eyes.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog,

Apple xx


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