Yep, it’s a post about SPOTS


We all get them sometimes, those horrible things that stick out and are just EUGH DISGUSTING.

Here are some of the ways that I deal with them…

1. Make sure you use cleanser, wipes and all that majazz. They DO help.


I tend to use clearasil, just because it actually works.  It is nice to use natural stuff and I do try to do so, but I’m afraid that this time the chemically ones win. If you have sensitive skin, then you probably want to use the daily clear rather than ultra one, or use Simple Spotless. The vitamin e wipes from the body shop also work well, though I found the tea tree ones to be seriously too strong. But, you’re welcome to experiment!

2. Even if you have oily skin, moisturise.


Yes, that’s right! I only discovered fairly recently that even people with oily/combination skin need to moisturise. Despite that, do try to use an oil free or light one (like the Simple Hydrating Light one up there in the picture – you can buy it very cheaply off amazon). Use it once a day, in either the morning or evening and make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face.

3. Don’t touch or pick your spots.

This one’s pretty simple. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face and whatever you do, don’t pick at them.

4. Try not to use tons of make up to cover up your spots.

It’s just gonna make them worse, OK? If you think that you really must use a concealer, get one with tea tree oil in it. Work your way down the scale for how much makeup you use, and I promise you that your spot’s WILL get better.

Hope these tips help – share YOUR tips with me in the comments, c:

See ya tomorrow, Apple Pie lovers!

Apple x

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