How (and why) I got interested in make-up

Ok, so, let me get this straight. I’m really  not the sort of person you’d expect to be interested in beauty.

My mum doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis, and even on special occasions only uses a bit of mascara and lipstick. I’m not a particularly confident or cool person. Actually, I’m pretty nerdy and I hate PE (except when it’s swimming). I was never that interested in makeup as a little kid, not in the way some are.

These don’t usually equal a person interested in their appearance but HEY. That is what they equal. So here I am.

Despite what I just said, I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis either. This is mainly because my teacher would kill me but also because it means I get to lie in more. I do wear some of my nice tinted lip balm though – and come on, that’s low maintenance.

Some people will probably think it’s unhealthy for teens to be really into makeup and stuff. To be honest, it’s probably not that good at this age but there’s no way I’m stopping because it’s just FUN.

That’s enough of my rambling. I need to make another post.

Farewell, people of the earth!

Apple x

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