Finding Our Feet // final film!

finding our feet post graphics

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this project with you all! For the last few weeks I’ve been collaborating with Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen and Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds to create this film about young people finding our place in the world.

Being a teenager (and slightly older) is a crazy time. There are highs and lows and all sorts of weird figuring-yourself-out things to do. The aim of the project was to spread some love and positivity around the blogosphere, which is where you guys came in! We asked you all to send in words of advice and a video of yourself walking and…now you can watch them together in a video.😀 Seeing everyone’s submissions was an absolute pleasure!

It’s so amazing to see this project actually come to life. It started with just an idea and now we have an actual thing! (Shh. I am allowed to be cheesy. I like being cheesy.) I can’t thank Em, Victoria, and everyone who submitted to the project enough! Collaborating with people is always awesome and this was no exception. YAY ALL THE PEOPLE. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this video as much as we did putting it together — that it helps to fulfill what we wanted it to be, and that it puts a little more happiness into your day.🙂

Playlist: carry on, simon

This might sound completely insane, but…I feel like I haven’t flailed about Rainbow Rowell in a while? Anyway. I AM EXPERIENCING A RENAISSANCE. I still have all of my Carry On feels. Beneath this veneer of silence I am still actually complete trash.

Anyway. I made a dark magic/Baz/angsty wizard playlist (don’t laugh) on my Spotify an absolute age ago and I thought this might be time for all of my music feels to come to use. Because I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS WHEN IT COMES TO CARRY ON. I found it difficult to fit everyone’s stories into one playlist here — because playlist cohesion — so this is mostly a Simon and Baz one. And that is definitely not a gentle foreshadowing for more Carry On playlists…😉

(Just to let you know, several of these songs contain swearing.)

carry on playlist.jpg
you have to pretend you get an endgame. you have to carry on like you will; otherwise, you can’t carry on at all. (by rainbow rowell)
listen on youtube / spotify

runaway – aurora
creep – radiohead
carry on wayward son – kansas
tectonic – brendan maclean
bloodsport – raleigh ritchie
young & beautiful – lana del rey
flaws – bastille
into my arms – nick cave & the bad seeds

7 Things I Want to See in the BBC Les Mis

bbc les mis.jpg

As an eternal and enthusiastic Les Mis fan, I was EXTREMELY excited to hear of some news to liven up the fandom. They’re going to adapt the book into a miniseries for TV! It’s supposed to be in the style of the recent War & Peace TV show (Andrew Davies writes both) and…well, even it’s only going to be airing in 2018 I can still be excited.😛

Although I am a fan of the musical, it did miss out so many wonderful parts of the book. And the singing in the movie could be pretty terrible in places. Not looking at Russell Crowe. So I’m looking forward to having the extended time period to explore all the different parts of the (admittedly very hefty). I thought I’d compile all the things that I REALLY want to see in this TV show if it should go ahead! (Because previously I have seen projects die, and it is very sad.)

1. Valjean’s James Bond convent escape

Although the musical does feature a brief convent scene, it completely misses out the insane/badass escape. Whilst escaping from Javert, Valjean and Cosette land themselves in a convent. By some stroke of luck the gardener is the very same man Valjean saved from being crushed by a cart many years before. Anyway, the gardener says they can stay by pretending to be his brother and niece but he has to sneak them out again so they can be seen coming in through the front door. Cosette is smuggled out in a basket, but Valjean is sneaked out in a coffin (pretending to be a dean nun) is almost buried alive due to the fact that the new gravedigger is more sober than expected. The gardener actually thinks he is dead for a bit. Yep.

2. Nuanced Cosette

I am always angry that people think Cosette is a pushover, but to be fair her character in the musical is not nearly as complex as the novel. There she is someone to be taken care of, but in the book she’s basically as active as she could be considering the restrictions of society at the time. She secretly courts and encourages Marius for several months without the approval of her father! She knows when her husband and father are keeping secrets from her! Cosette is AWESOME, everyone.

3. Non-hunky Enjolras

Musical Enjolras is way more handsome and likable. I apologise to Aaron Tveit, because he seems like a pretty good guy. But…he’s not Enjolras. Victor Hugo literally describes Enjolras as looking like a teenage girl. (There is also the recurring joke of his weirdly detailed description of Enjolras’ face, but anyway.) THIS GUY IS JUST A SCARY REVOLUTION NERD. France is his life, but he’s actually the only child of rich parents. He is not a macho dude who is too old to play the role. *coughs*

4. Les Amis de L’ABC

Les Amis are basically the bulk of the Les Mis fandom, so we’d all be very pleased to see more of them. (Since they’re barely named in the musical.) I need all the stupid puns. I need the revolution jokes. I need the camaraderie and the individuals and that one time Bossuet sacrificed his place in law school because he was filling in for Marius. I need Enjolras and Grantaire’s dying holding hands. I NEED IT ALL PLS.

5. Thenardier’s botched robbery (starring Marius)

Basically everyone in Les Mis is connected by some coincidence or another, to be honest. Marius thinks his father was ‘saved’ by Thenardier, who was actually looting corpses, so feels a weird sense of loyalty to him when he tries to kidnap and ransom Valjean. (The Thenardiers live next to Marius at this point.) Valjean ends up escaping but Thenardier & his cronies are arrested by Javert. IT’S JUST ALL COMPLETELY CRAZY. Another James Bond moment.

6. Marius being a nerd

Marius is also not a hunk. MARIUS IS A COMPLETE NERD. He purposefully rejects all of his super rich grandad’s money. He accidentally raves about Napoleon in a room full of revolutionaries who hate Napoleon. He swoons over Cosette for like 3 months but is too scared to talk to her. He finds Valjean’s hankie and sleeps with it under his pillow because he think’s it belongs to Cosette. (Probably smells it with his ‘passionate nostrils’.) There are so many more things I could say… To be honest, Marius is just a complete smol cinnamon roll who is utterly useless at being a revolutionary.

7. The Thenardier family

Remember Gavroche, the tiny kid from the musical? He’s Eponine’s brother. I am eternally angry that this what not included in the musical, because HELLOO. I seriously need the Thenardier siblings taking care of each other. Eponine also has a sister, Azelma, and two younger brothers. Gavroche takes these two boys under his wing without even knowing they’re related which y’know is pretty great. (Gavroche is in general pretty great.)

So, um, writing this might have accidentally drawn me back into the darkest depths of the Les Mis hole. Whoops…? But now I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW and you are probably never going to hear the end of it.😀

are you a fan of les mis too? would you include the same things i picked? are you planning to watch the tv show? (okay that’s pretty far into the future but SHH. :P)

#ReadThemAllthon TBR pile


I may be unable to download Pokemon Go to my own phone, but that doesn’t mean I’m not engaging with the crazy Pokemon fever! (And stealing everyone else’s phones.) I was a pretty big fan of Pokemon when I was younger, and I’ve never participated in an actual readathon before so I thought this seemed perfect! And, I mean, let’s be real: I am still both a Pokemon and book nerd.

The #ReadThemAllThon is hosted by the wonderful Aentee @ Read at Midnight and it’s going to run from August 14th – September 4th. In this post I’m signing up and telling you guys what I (hopefully) plan to read for each gym badge. (GYM BADGES. What a stellar idea.) I hose Tepig as my Pokemon, because I still have nostalgia for Black & White. Not really nostalgia since it’s pretty recent but shh.

pokemon trainer card
readthemallthon-badge01-boulderthe final empire

Pewter Gym: The First Book In A Series

I am…maybe going to try reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, because it comes recommended from my friends and the cover is super pretty. (Shh. that’s definitely a reason to read something.) BUT it is a pretty bulky book, so I SHALL SEE. If you guys have any recommendations for me regarding this one then do let me know!
541 pages, potential +54CP


Cerulean Gym: A Book That Might Make You Cry

I’m not a person who easily cries at books, HELP. I’ll go with Asking For It by Louise O’Neill, because I will probably be crying at society. I’d been intending to read this for ages, but I just never got round to it!
346 pages, potential +34CP

cursed child hpVermillion Gym: A Book With Thunderous Hype

For this one I’ll be reading a SUPER obvious choice which is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’ve heard extremely mixed reviews from all my friends so I don’t really know what to think! (And I have been thinking a lot. I even dreamt about it last night.) I’m currently waiting for my reserved copy to come into the library so hopefully it’ll arrive soon.
343 pages, potential +34CP


Celadon Gym: A Book That Focuses on Diversity

I had a couple of books I could have picked for this, but hopefully I’ll be reading If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo which features a trans girl protagonist. I’ve also heard mixed things about this one, but WE SHALL SEE.
288 pages, potential +28CP


Fuschia Gym: A Book With A Great Romance

I knew absolutely nothing about Sappho’s Leap by Erica Jong when I spotted it in the library, but: Sappho aka the coolest queer Greek poet. The blurb promises some canonical ladies loving ladies, SO THERE.
352 pages, potential +35CP

readthemallthon-badge06-marshSaffron Gym: A Book With Fantasy/Supenatural Elements

Having not particularly enjoyed the first book in this series I was pretty sceptical of picking up A Court of Mist and Fury. But my friend assured me that it was a great improvement and will make me ship all the ships, so I’ll be having a go! If I can wade through it all…😛 (Weirdly, this one’s longer than The Final Empire…? I just have epic fantasy pegged as super long in my mind, I guess.)
640 pages, potential +64CP

readthemallthon-badge07-flamewhat's a girl gotta do

Cinnabar Gym: A Book With A Red Cover 

This is…mostly red, right? I had a bit of a struggle finding a book for this but eventually I remembered that I have What’s a Girl Gotta Do? by Holly Bourne waiting for me on my Kindle. HUZZAH FEMINISM. And people are saying very promising things about this one which is nice.🙂
432 pages, potential +43CP


Viridian Gym: A Book With Post-Apocalyptic Setting

I also had a slightly hard time finding a book for this one, but in the end I decided to read The Death Cure by James Dashner. I’ve read the first two books in the series, but…I just never got round to reading this one? I DON’T KNOW. They started to frustrate me haha. I might change this one if I do find something better, though, because The Scorch Trials was basically an exercise in how to piss me off most.
325 pages, potential +32CP

If I complete all of these books, my potential points plus the gym badge bonus is 484CP! I’m really looking forward to starting this and hopefully achieving some of these gym badges.😀

VE Schwab at Waterstone’s // in which i am in awe


I was lucky enough to be able to attend an event on VE Schwab’s tour for This Savage Song last Friday! As you guys might know, I am a MASSIVE fan of her books. So this was much excitement. I decided to do a recap of the talk, because I’ve had a lot of fun doing them before and I thought you might want to hear what was said!

Although I arrived pretty early (by my standards) there were already a few rows of people there. I stationed myself in the second and passed the time by having some excellent fandom conversations. *nods* Everyone fell very silent when the event was about to start.

So, VE Schwab was in conversation with the lovely Anna James, who’s also done a few other events I’d been to.  We began with a brief summary of This Savage Song. Then VE discussed the inspiration for This Savage Song — the idea for it came from a rash of violence in the US — which she hoped she would talk about retrospectively once on tour for the book, but is still very relevant. “I was looking at all the negative energy we were throwing into the universe and thinking ‘how is there no aftermath?'” After a week life goes back to normal. This Savage Song explores the idea of an actual tangible aftermath. (In the form of monsters.)

This Savage Song is really interesting in that it explores redemption and forgiveness. (slight spoiler) August can only eat the souls of people who have made monsters. In taking a life they’re also in some ways doing good. There’s no peace for smol and sad Hufflepuff August. What I love about VE Schwab’s books are that there are always ‘fuzzy’ moral grey zones, and that’s no exception in This Savage Song!

Kate Harker — bless this cutthroat daughter of Victor Vale and Lila Bard — was VE’s reaction to a lot of YA protagonists. “I refuse to believe that if you gave a teenage girl the power to change her own life or to change the world, she would choose the world.” ME TOO. Despite her respect for the Katnisses, Kate is out for Kate. VE said she’s just very interested in self-interest as a personality trait.

According to VE you’ve made a character right when someone else can tell you what that person will do and it’s accurate. See the internet producing an ADSOM coffee shop AU where Kell is the pissy barista and Lila is banned for stealing and Holland drinks black coffee/judges everyone using a laptop. I AM 100% HERE FOR THIS EVERYONE. Characters who act like Rhy and Alucard are very difficult to write because you have to make it clear to the reader that they’re pretending.

After a bit of debate over the plotter/pantser words — because yep, pantser means something pretty different in the UK! but I still use it — VE said she has about 10 main plot points so she has a compromise between an outline and freedom. The only thing she has to start with is the ending in order to rewind the character arcs. (Let me just cry as I think about the end of ACOL. I am not prepared for that to happen.)

Next we moved onto talking a little more about A Darker Shade of Magic and AGOS. Conversation of course turned to the cliffhanger in AGOS (which we are all still in pain about). VE had previously avoided cliffhangers because she thinks they get abused — people just cut off the end of the first arc instead of starting a new one and cutting it off. So she managed to avoid this for all her other books, but according to her this was the gentlest version of the cliffhanger possible! I slightly dreaded to think of what the first draft contain. Apparently 90% of the cast died. *cries*

VE said a lot of people assume she’s a fast writer, but she’s actually a very slow but consistent one. She can only work in one world at a time when she becomes an insomniac who is completely absorbed in her books. “I have to rely on Facebook to tell me what’s happening in my own life.”

Because she designs the world first instead of the characters, she’s never sure about how long a series will be. But This Savage Song was always going to be a duology — the first book creates the roles the characters play in the second of a monster and a monster-hunter. “This Savage Song was about Kate and August figuring out their own identities, and Our Dark Duet is about them figuring out the world around them.”

Does VE write consciously for YA or for Adult genres? She said she doesn’t really care as long as readers are finding the books they want to find — she just writes for a version of herself. This Savage Song was written for 17 year-old-her because that’s what she would have wanted to read at 17. “I’m a firm believer in writing for yourself as primary reader.”

Writing gentle heros like Kell and August and more cutthroat girls was a conscious decision. VE has nothing against feminine girls, but she thinks we have enough of them — she writes what she wants to read. Badass female characters like Rey are a pretty recent phenomenon. She recalls reading a review that called Lila a trope: “She’s, like, a genderfluid aspiring pirate — you don’t get to call it a trope until I see too many of them.”

Something that I and many others really enjoy about VE Schwab’s books is that the romance doesn’t take centre stage. VE says that she enjoys romance but thinks often so many other interesting dynamics get chucked aside for it. YES PREACH. This is really similar to what I think myself! I’d love to see more different relationships explored in books.

The final question before opening up the floor was whether VE starts with small details and builds outwards or begins with a broad idea and works inwards when she worldbuilds. She said that are fantasy writers who give you a door where you can explore everything in the world, and there are fantasy authors who give you a window where you see what’s relevant at that moment. VE told us that she is a window writer — she wants us to guess what’s in the room, but leaves room to change things. Language is her detail in worlds. (YAY LANGUAGES. I was super glad this got mentioned, because the languages in ADSOM and AGOS honestly make me so happy.)

Then we moved onto a couple of audience questions: As for new books, as 4 more due to be released in the UK: ACOJ, the sequel to Vicious (!!) and a book about a French girl who sells her soul to the devil for the ability to live forever, as well as a super secret 4th book. We talked a little about the This Savage Song movie rights getting optioned and then I asked about how VE constructs the languages in her books. I KNOW. I was so proud of myself, because normally I’m a small embarrassed bean. But anyway: VE comes at languages from how they sound in her head, but her editor focuses on linguistic origins. Other questions included the danger of writing rituals, a book in the distant book based on the anime Pyscho-Pass and the awesomenes of Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows.

After this we all queued up to get books signed and asdfjkl I am still flailing very much from this. Overall I had an absolutely FABULOUS time and I’m actually feeling very motivated to get writing again! (Not looking at that WIP which I haven’t touched in months and I think I need to entirely rehaul. *coughs*)

are you a fan of ve schwab too? been to any book events lately? let me know!

7 Awesome International Book Covers


When I go on holiday I love going into bookshops and finding different editions of books I’ve read. Sometimes I even buy them! (See the copy of Eleanor & Park I bought in Barcelona. It has SUCH LOVELY THICK PAGES aah.) And since I haven’t done much book design appreciation in a while, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite non-UK book covers!

I realise that obviously ‘international’ is going to be different for everyone since we all live in different places, but in this context I’m going for editions that aren’t available where I live. For a comparison, the non-UK one is on the left and the UK one is on the right.🙂

fangirl alternate cover fangirl uk

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Indonesian edition) I do absolutely adore the UK edition of Fangirl — I mean, hello, Noelle Stevenson — but I thought this one was super adorable! I love the sort of craft/home-y feel it has. And the texture is LOVELY. It’s a lot less slick than the UK (and US) ones, despite their now iconic pink/green colour schemes.

my true love gave to me my true love gave to me uk

2. My True Love Gave to Me (US edition)
LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT ALL THE TINY PEOPLE. I am endlessly upset that we didn’t get this in the UK. I mean, at least the winter and summer ones do go well together, but… IT’S NOT THE SAME. I wanted all the tiny people and nice illustrations. *cries*

the hunger games chinese the hunger games

3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Chinese edition)
MAN, the ink stains here. *shakes head* They are really killing me. Although The Hunger Games has gone through many redesigns, I thought this one was rather nice! But, er, I’ve been using Google Translate to tell me where each edition is from if the summary isn’t a language I recognise, and it has produced a truly stellar one here:

“When I woke up the other half of the bed was cold . I reached tackling sister Sakura warm body, but only a mattress covered with coarse single touch. She certainly has had a nightmare, climbed mom went to bed. of course she would have nightmares, today is the day of the draw.” Thus began the novel.

Don’t use Google Translate for your homework, peoples!😛 Although it is interesting to see how Prim has been turned into Sakura. ANYWAYS. Back to the task at hand.

harry potter italian harry potter uk

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling (Italian edition)
Many kudos to the colour scheme on this. The purple and the white glowing Patronus are seriously working for me. It actually sort of reminds me of the new Bllomsbury editions available? (Of course I didn’t buy the whole set, be quiet.)

harry potter persian

Bonus: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Persian edition) …yes, I know. This is completely insane. Where to look? The weird very non-Harry 8 year old, the badly edited figures at the bottom, the scenes fading in and out of each other. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO THINK.

catcher in the rye arabic catcher in the rye uk

5. The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger (Arabic edition)
I always feel like classics don’t get very good covers — often it tends to be super plain. Maybe that’s because everyone has a different idea of the story so they don’t want to spoil it? But anyway, that annoys me a lot. This one is absolutely lovely, though! Asdfjkl THE ILLUSTRATION. Holden’s face. That is impressive.

radio silence us radio silence alice oseman

6. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (US edition) I don’t mind the UK edition, but I don’t feel like it suits the book as well as the US one does. Faces tend to be a bit naff and the UK picture doesn’t suit Frances at all! SHE DOES NOT HAVE A NOSE PIERCING EVERYONE. It makes her seem way more supposedly ‘badass’ than she is. That’s not what this book is about. *huffs* I can’t complain too much, though, since the book hasn’t even come out in the US yet haha.

throne of glass spanish Throne of Glass

7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (Spanish edition) I’m a VERY big fan of minimalism and monochrome. I’ve never loved the Throne of Glass covers, to be honest, but I actually think this one is awesome! (The catchline font could be changed. But otherwise awesome.)

So that concludes my book covers! If you fancy checking some different editions out, then I find the Goodreads list of different editions extremely useful. And yes, sometimes I do browse Goodreads covers for fun. DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT.😉 A reminder: this is a scheduled posts, and I am currently away with no wifi.  But I’m very keen to discuss the merits of various book covers when I return!

which of these covers is your favourite? did I miss any out? do you have any special editions of books?

Are YOU the Chosen One?

ya fantasy post.jpg

Think that you might be the protagonist of a YA Fantasy? Find out here, and discover whether you actually need to save the entire world or not!*

You’ve always been a Normal Plain Jane. You’re totally average looking, which is to say that you could be a supermodel. Which is to say that you are a straight white female with dramatic red hair living in the USA — and you have an improbable name like Satchel. Or Canada. Or Sage. Because why not. You’re kind-of-but-not-really in love with your quirky guy best friend.

If you are not a Normal Plain Jane-slash-supermodel, then you are likely to be Harry Potter 2.0. (Because every fantasy novel ever must be compared to the first fantasy series ever. Obviously.) This time around you are a straight white male with green eyes and messy dark hair living in the USA. You might have a slightly less stupid name, but you can’t be sure.

Anyway. Whether you are Normal Plain Jane-slash-supermodel or Harry Potter 2.0, you have recently been thrust into a brand new world at the tender age of 16. Whilst looking through your recently deceased grandmother’s attic (you just inherited her grand old house) you found a mysterious magical item that suddenly caused strange things to happen around you. Well, strange things have always happened around you, but you’ve only started realising it now because you’re super smart.

The strange happenings build up. Something dramatic happens that tips the scales. You can’t lie to the people in your tiny boring town anymore. You run out of your kitchen with tears streaking down your face. But just when you think everything is beyond fixing, a mysterious, beautiful, brooding boy with green eyes turns up to help you. (Only you’re Normal Plain Jane-slash-supermodel. Harry Potter 2.0 does things all alone and kisses the pretty girl at the end. There are no options except outdated gender roles and m/f couples.) He saves you but is also very rude to you. He told you that you should mind your own business and he doesn’t know you can see all the magical creatures. You’re confused and distressed — you insist that you’re just normal. Despite his rudeness, you find him mysterious and intriguing. You think that he probably has a tortured backstory that causes him to be this way.

You feel guilty about your guy best friend who you’re kind-of-but-not-really in love with. Whoops. But Brooding Boy is just awfully intriguing. You think that you might be the only girl to get behind his snippy façade.

Anyway. Somehow along the way here you manage to pick up a wizened mentor. This old bearded dude tells you that you’re actually the prophesied chosen one. You’re not any normal kind of magical being — no, you are a Special Combination that allows you to save the whole magical world from the Raving Evil Villain. The wizened mentor possibly gives you a bit more advice, but as soon as it’s convenient he dies.

Who even knows where your parents are at this point. Oh no, I remember: you’re an orphan! You’ve been living with foster parents all your life. Except they’re not around either… huh. Weird. Oh well, you have bigger fish to fry right now.

Like that dramatic prophecy. You have no idea how it could be true. You’re just a normal teenager! How on earth will you save the whole magical world? Ah, now you remember: the wizened mentor instructed you to find the a special magical object that will be integral in your defeat of the Raving Evil Villain. (He’s really evil, is this one. Wants to take over the entire world. What an original plan.)

You embark on a long and dangerous journey. Although this probably takes up a decent chunk towards the end of the book , it’s mostly walking and sexual tension with the Brooding Boy. The boring/mysterious forest just outside your boring/mysterious town is a lot further away than you had thought. But let’s just gloss over that because it’s not particularly interesting. (Though it would have been a lot easier if Wizened Mentor hadn’t conveniently died, to be honest.)

Yes. Once you find said special magical object, the Raving Evil Villain appears. Your heartbeat gets so loud that you are sure he can hear you from your hiding place. But it doesn’t matter, because you selflessly decide to reveal yourself and save everyone else. There is a dramatic showdown.  Potentially you are injured, but odds are that you live. (There are still another 2 books in this series for you to star in, after all.) The Raving Evil Villain explodes in a poof of darkness and evilness. Exhausted, you fall into the arms of Brooding Boy. Just as he professes his love to you, everything fades to black.

When you reawaken, you are preparing to leave. You have been unconscious for several hours but experience no serious health effects, which is dubious considering most people only faint for a few seconds. Anyway. Then you return home in a way quicker time than it took you to arrive. Everyone hails you as a hero, except for a few token pessimists who think you’re a fraud. You have been changed forever. You’re still struggling to deal with your whole situation. But whatever’s wrong inside you can be instantly fixed by the love of the Brooding Boy. Somewhere in all of this your best friend found his soulmate and he is happily dating her. The book ends on a final bittersweet domestic scene as you are recovering with Brooding Boy. Turns out he does have a heart of gold after all.

are you the protagonist of a YA fantasy? (if so, WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL HERE?! you should be saving us all!)

*Not entirely serious. I am, in fact, a big fan of YA fantasy.😛 If you enjoyed this, you may also want to check out its YA Dystopia counterpart! And just as a reminder: this is a scheduled posts, and I am currently away with no wifi.  But I would love to meet any potential Chosen Ones when I return on 4th August!